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Your client will want to be sure that no matter how large or small their trust, award, inheritance or any other form of investment is, that their Trustees will be doing their best to ensure that the best possible result is achieved, importantly it is managed with due care and most crucially, it is protected for their future.


Establishing Suitability

We are determined to work with you to make sure that the investment solution is suitable for your clients circumstances. We use investment tools and questionnaires to help us find the best outcomes for you.


All investments carry risk. So, we ensure we spend quality time with you talking through the implications and risks of various investment solutions. We work to provide guidance and educational materials to all parties, ensuring good communication throughout.


Monitoring and tracking of investment performance and risk in relation to your clients needs is an ongoing responsibility we take very seriously. We provide regular reporting and check suitability on a regular basis, making changes as and when necessary. Should their circumstances change, we adapt the underlying investments as necessary.

“Saving is a great habit but without investing and tracking, it just sleeps”

Minoj Arora

Tavistock Investments Plc manages personal wealth of tens of thousands of people, providing them with financial advice and access to investment products and services.

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Informed Client. Happy Client.

An increasing number of clients are more ‘savvy’ than in years past and have consequently become more demanding and discerning, looking to their Trustees to perform, to protect their money, their future and keep them informed at every turn. Only Tavistock Law provides an off-the-shelf service which is flexible enough to deliver a one-fits-all investment solution.

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